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Benefits of Using an Urgent Care Facility

Posted by portlandurgentcare / May 10, 2013
Benefits of Using an Urgent Care Facility

For many years, patients have turned to their local hospital’s emergency room whenever they suffer an unexpected injury or illness. Over time, however, the wait time and the crowded rooms at many emergency departments have caused people to look elsewhere for their immediate treatment needs. This is where urgent care facilities can be of particular assistance. These treatment centers offer high quality, low cost treatment for many patients.

Urgent care vs emergency care

An emergency department should only be used in a genuine medical situation that could pose a life-threatening risk to the patient. Despite this, many patients have begun using the ER whenever they are in need of general medical care, leading to longer wait times in the emergency department.

On the other hand, urgent care is available for any medical condition for which you would normally see a doctor. The main advantage of urgent care is that you can access it late into the day or early in the morning, and on weekends. This extended service schedule makes the urgent care facility an ideal emergency care alternative.

Benefits of using an urgent care facility

One of the biggest benefits of using an urgent care facility is the minimal wait time. Depending on when you visit an urgent care clinic, you might not have to wait to be seen at all. Even better, once you check in at the front desk, you can often receive a visit from the doctor much faster than you would at the ER.

When you enter the urgent care facility, you will probably see a sign that reads ‘Most Insurance Accepted.’ This means that your insurance plan is probably valid at the clinic, but it is still wise to check with the front desk about the office’s insurance policy.

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