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Coughs and sneezes Portland Oregon

Posted by portlandurgentcare / March 31, 2013
Coughs and sneezes Portland Oregon

It is that time of year again – the time when Northeast allergy problems spring up all over our area. Are you dealing with Portland allergies? If so, you might be at your wits’ end about how to manage them effectively while keeping up with your daily life. At Portland Urgent Care , we know that getting through allergy season can be difficult, especially if you have tried to manage your allergies on your own for years. We are proud to offer advice and treatment to help you to get through this time of year and keep a smile on your face.

Types of Portland allergies

Before you pursue a course of treatment, it is important to get an overview of the various types of allergy problems that plague sufferers. Finding out which allergen in particular is affecting you can help you and your doctor decide how best to treat your symptoms. Many people suffer with animal allergy problems, such as a dog allergy or a cat allergy, but these conditions are only present when a dog or a cat is around. If you are still dealing with coughs, sneezes and congestion without a pet nearby, you might be suffering from a reaction from another common allergen such as tree pollen or Portland grass pollens.

Diagnosing your allergies

Both tree pollen and grass pollens can cause a condition called hay fever. This condition is what many people think of when they imagine seasonal allergies. Common hay fever symptoms include sneezing, watering of the eyes, and a runny nose. When this condition is caused by outdoor pollen, the symptoms will usually worsen when you step outside. Hay fever can come on suddenly, especially as the flowers and trees begin to bloom and the pollen becomes airborne.

No matter how sure you are about your allergens, it is wise to get a formal diagnosis of your symptoms. Armed with a clear understanding of your allergies, you will be ready to choose the best treatment to get you back on your feet in no time.