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Dealing with common overuse injuries

Posted by portlandurgentcare / April 15, 2013
Dealing with common overuse injuries

Overuse injuries can strike anyone at any time, but they typically affect those who perform repetitive movements for an extended period. If you are suffering from overuse syndrome, you may be experiencing all kinds of discomfort, from severe pain to a dull ache. The key to successful injury treatment is understanding the specific condition that is creating your discomfort. Once you have received a proper diagnosis from a qualified physician, you will be on your way to feeling better!

Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment

Carpal tunnel syndrome is very common among individuals who work at keyboards or computer terminals for most of the day. This condition is one of the most frequent overuse syndromes, since so many professionals work in settings that require extensive computer use. When an individual suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome, he or she typically experiences compressed nerves within the wrist that can cause pain or numbness throughout the fingers and hands. Common treatments for this condition include anti-inflammatory drugs, rest, therapy and use of a wrist splint.

Diagnosing neck and shoulder pain

Many patients suffer from neck and shoulder pain. Some of the conditions that can contribute to this include pinched or compressed nerves, muscle spasm or injury, and tendonitis. Though injury is a common and obvious cause, another less obvious cause is overexertion, or using the muscles in the area too frequently. With a detailed evaluation, and occasional use of X-rays, MRI tests, and electromyography, an accurate diagnosis and appropriate therapy can be instituted.

Relief for muscle aches

Also known as myofascial pain syndrome, muscle aches and pains are often reported in individuals who exert themselves frequently during work or recreation. When someone uses a particular muscle again and again, it becomes fatigued, which increases the risk of injury. In these cases, massage therapy, pain medications, and physical therapy may be needed to ease discomfort.

The staff at Portland Urgent Care, is well qualified to diagnose and treat patients who are suffering with these common overuse injuries. If you have been struggling with pain from muscle overuse or strain, stop by and see us to begin receiving the injury care you need.