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Stay safe while beginning spring exercise

Posted by portlandurgentcare / April 26, 2018
Stay safe while beginning spring exercise

The weather is finally gorgeous here in Portland! It feels good to be outside in the sun. At Portland Urgent Care we’ve been seeing an increase in overuse injuries in people who have just started running again for exercise after the long, rainy winter indoors.

Fortunately, we have our own Dr. Scott Cathcart just across the hall at Portland Wellness Care. His blend of chiropractic bodywork and physiotherapy gets patients back on their feet and exercising pain-free. But how do you start a running program without getting injured? Here are Dr. Scott’s tips for all of you who want to get from the couch to jogging safely: 

  • Start with 30 minutes of walking daily. Try to include some hills in your route to get your heart rate up a bit – for non-athletes this means over 100 beats per minute.
  • After a week or two begin to alternate 1-3 minutes of jogging with 3-5 minutes of walking 2-3 days per week. This increases your fat metabolism while protecting you from stress injury.
  • Increase your time jogging by no more than ten percent per week. Work up to being able to walk 10 minute, jog 10, then walk another 10. Now you’re ready to add a bit more distance. You’re exercising!

Stay tuned for Dr. Scott’s tips on how to add some simple home strength-training to your workout … and enjoy spring!