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Category: Medical Education

IV Nutrient Therapy

0.IV Nutrient Therapy and the Modified Myers’ Cocktail

It’s called a Modified Myer’s Cocktail, and it’s a tidal wave of vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of more than 200 cellular..

POSTED BY portlandurgentcare / December 10, 2018
Stay safe while beginning spring exercise

0.Stay safe while beginning spring exercise

The weather is finally gorgeous here in Portland! It feels good to be outside in the sun. At Portland Urgent Care we’ve been seeing an..

POSTED BY portlandurgentcare / April 26, 2018
Children Health Issues

0.Children Health Issues

The children of the East Portland neighborhoods that we here at Portland Urgent Care serve are not immune to the many child health issues plaguing..

POSTED BY portlandurgentcare / September 4, 2013
College Students Get Sick and Injured Too

0.College Students Get Sick and Injured Too / Portland Urgent Care Can Help

Thoughts of illness and injuries are generally far from the minds of most college students, but being away from home and on your own for..

POSTED BY portlandurgentcare / August 28, 2013
Understanding Pre-Diabetes

0.Understanding Pre-Diabetes

Understanding Pre-Diabetes / Patients who come in for physicals or other check-ups can be screened for diabetes Many patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes express..

POSTED BY portlandurgentcare / August 26, 2013
Insect Bite Swelling Treatment

0.Insect Bite Swelling Treatment

Here in East Portland, early summer brings warm weather and, as we begin spending more time outdoors enjoying the beauty of nature, we must also..

POSTED BY portlandurgentcare / June 24, 2013
Poison Oak Treatment and Symptoms

0.Poison Oak Treatment and Symptoms

Poison Oak Treatment and Symptoms / Poisonous plant symptoms and treatment Whether you’re new to the Portland area or a lifelong resident, it’s likely that..

POSTED BY portlandurgentcare / June 24, 2013
Treating whiplash pain following a car accident

0.Treating whiplash pain following a car accident

In busy, crowded and growing metropolises, such as Portland, Oregon, auto accidents are an unfortunate fact of life for many drivers. With more and more..

POSTED BY portlandurgentcare / April 30, 2013
Dealing with common overuse injuries

0.Dealing with common overuse injuries

Overuse injuries can strike anyone at any time, but they typically affect those who perform repetitive movements for an extended period. If you are suffering..

POSTED BY portlandurgentcare / April 15, 2013
Coughs and sneezes Portland Oregon

0.Coughs and sneezes Portland Oregon

It is that time of year again – the time when Northeast allergy problems spring up all over our area. Are you dealing with Portland..

POSTED BY portlandurgentcare / March 31, 2013