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Why Have the Test?

These tests assist in managing and reducing the risk and impact of an outbreak of COVID-19 at the workplace.
Portland Urgent Care

How it works

1. Antibody and Virus testing – No out of pocket cost for employer or employee. We bill insurance* directly. (*Kaiser and Oregon Health Plan are exceptions)

2. We set up and administer the testing at your pre-determined location. Depending on the number of employees, we will have at least one Healthcare Assistant; a Medical provider (via Telemedicine – HIPAA Compliant), and a non-medical person (paperwork, etc.).

3. Each test takes approximately 5-10 minutes. Antibody test results are received same day and virus tests are received within 72 hours (subject to change). We have a ‘patient portal’ when each individual can register and view/download their test results the minute they return in the privacy of their own home.

For more information and to schedule testing, contact:

Kathleen Monahan