About the Online Doctors and Exceptional Medical Team | MobilMED
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About MobilMED

There is a rapidly growing nuance in the medical field known as TeleMedicine. The tech world integrating with the medical world is giving us opportunities we have never had before. The days of booking appointments weeks out and resolving to patiently wait in increasingly busy waiting rooms are coming to a close. As we embraced this newfound dynamic, we also saw an opportunity – to improve upon the “conventional” yet limited TeleMedicine world. Although convenient, it lacks factual, hands on medicine. With much thought and dedicated hard work, MobilMED was created.

MobilMED is the “out of the box” concept of our very own Mark Hosko, MD. After successfully tackling the Urgent Care world, Dr. Hosko wanted to offer the same phenomenal care to patients they receive in clinic, without leaving the comfort of their surroundings. His ingenious twist of sending a MobilMED Assistant to your door adds the ability to treat a wide array of issues, using the Assistant as the hands of your doctor. This revolutionary idea will change the way you feel about getting sick.

With the conception of MobilMED came the task of enlisting the best and the brightest. We needed forward thinkers with compassionate hearts and an exceptional work ethic. Our Team has decades of medical experience between them, which ensures an educated professionalism within each visit. MobilMED relies heavily on this Team Effort to run efficiently. Our goal is to take the ache out of your injury, illness or just down right miserable day. We welcome inquisitive calls, we have done our homework. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions regarding our process or protocols.

About MobilMED | Doctor House Calls Portland, Oregon

“MobilMED was there for me when my son woke up one morning with a horrible fever.  They were able to complete a full visit at my home within 30 minutes.  No traffic, no waiting room, and I made it to work on time.”

– Jackie J.