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Self Pay

We do not charge any additional fees for our mobile services.

MobilMED believes all patients deserve the best in medical care. We also know that not all patients have the access to insurance. This is why we offer a substantial discount to our uninsured patients. Along with our discounted office visit prices, we offer a significant discount to all additional services.


Please contact us with inquiries regarding self pay pricing (*please note the prices reflect the already discounted prices). MobilMED is not currently accepting cash payment. Credit card payment will be processed during scheduling.

$154.00 / Detailed Office Visit

  • Flu Vaccine $42
  • Hep A Vaccine $133 per dose (2 doses in series)
  • Hep B Vaccine $121 per dose (3 doses in series)
  • DTAP $90
Clia Waived Lab Testing
Clia Waived Lab Testing
  • Strep $32
  • UA Dip $32
  • Mono $32
  • HCG / Pregnancy Test $32
  • TB Skin Test / $32 ( this is a 2 step process, this test needs to be read within 48-72 hours from the time the test is administered, there is no additional charge for the reading of this test)
  • Glucose /$32
  • Flu Scree /$51
Medical Supplies
Medical Supplies
  • Ace wrap $8
  • Air Cast Splint $40
  • Crutches $40
  • Kick Boot $85
  • Knee Brace $40
  • Post Op Boot $30
  • Arm Sling $15
  • Tennis Elbow Strap $20
  • Wrist Splint $30
  • Wrist Splint w/ Thumb splint $35
Self Pay Pricing MobilMED | Doctor House Calls Portland, Oregon